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The WONDER Moms App is a unique way of monitoring your pregnancy at the comfort of your own home regardless of where you live. All you need is to check your BP, Pulse, Temperature, weight, & glucose and enter those values. Key in your symptoms such as moods, COVID symptoms and more!

It is safe and secure with all the HIPPA protection.

An easy way to monitor fetal kick count. This gives you reassurance that your baby is safe!

The App will alert you when the values fall outside of safe zone and will tell you that you need to call your doctor.

If you have devices, with blue tooth capability, to monitor your vitals, the values will be automatically uploaded into the App!

WONDER Decision Support Tools

This unique feature is available to you when the doctor signs up

This WONDER App with Decision Support Tools, obstetric-specific software solutions, and Remote Patient Monitoring capacity offers obstetric providers a platform to customize their own care plan.

The App will automatically send alerts to your physician when your values are out of the safe zone, helping them to provide the best care possible for you.

Your physician can choose from 5 modules, the type of monitoring that is right for you.

Telehealth has features with audio/Video calls help you to connect with your doctor without the hazel of calling for appointments!




WONDER App with Hub & spoke model

Rural Maternal Care Model

Our user-friendly platform uses robust technologies, such as an eBirth center and telehealth capabilities. Using an efficient remote patient monitoring system, we help to provide high quality maternal care to rural populations. It also allows flexibility for direct communication and transport to tertiary care, which addresses the problem of limited access to care.

WONDER Nurse in the Purse App

Gyne-Care Anywhere

A unique interactive mobile application that allows women to learn more about and take control of their health. As the user keys in her health information, the internal algorithm will keep track and initiate an alert when it is time for her to see her doctor. It's like having a personal nurse friend who cares about her health and keeps an eye on it!

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