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WONDER is committed to helping every mother to have a safe and worry-free pregnancy.
Our goal is to ensure all mothers to experience the wonder and excitement of motherhood!

Take control of your own health!

All you need is to check your vital information like blood pressure, temperature, pulse, glucose, and weight and enter these values and your symptoms daily.

Our free WONDER Moms app will watch the entered information and will alert you that it is time to see your doctor when any value falls out of a safe zone!

An Award-Winning Program


Software with an internal algorithm and alert system based on basic vital signs

Maternal and Neonatal early warning score system


We Offer More Than Just A Platform


Get access to the fully-functioning medical record we offer, that will help you monitor your patients effectively.

Keep track of thousands of patients, made easy with efficient workflows built for clinicians.

See patient metric trends with data visualization tools, helping you make informed, data-driven decisions.

See your patients virtually through our telehealth platform! This will make life easy for both clinicians and patients.

Using our EHR, care can be coordinated more efficiently between smaller health centers and tertiary hospitals.

Using an algorithm, our system provides streamlined patient data, which helps the physicians in their decision-making.

Easy access for patients to robust educational resources such as videos, brochures, and other materials.

Our system provides clinicians access to important and up-to-date references instantly, anytime they need.


What Our Users Say

The WONDER team checked my blood pressure very often, which I never experienced in other PHCs. They found out that my blood pressure was dangerously high and got a doctor to treat me right away. I was lucky. I never knew that my blood pressure was high.


Very helpful in identifying and early referring of high-risk patients to a facility that can offer a higher level of care. The system also triggers a sound in the monitor at our hospital, once the PHC staff nurses and doctors make a referral in their system. This is useful for the hospital team to be ready to receive the patient referred by the PHC staff.

District Headquarters Hospital, Erode

The alert-based system is helping us in treating acute obstetric emergencies and also in tracking and follow up on high-risk cases. This project helped us in working as a hub-and-spoke model with increased involvement of the medical college, and better interaction with the referral center. After the implementation of the project, our district-level ranking for overall maternal care in the state improved from 25th to 11th and is continuously improving.

Dr. Armendra Jha
Darbhanga Health Society, Darbhanga
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