All women should have access to respectful and high-quality maternity care regardless of where they live

The Problem

  • Nationally, about 5.6 million women and mothers from more than a third of all U.S. counties live in maternal care deserts, with no access to reproductive health services
  • More than 10% of rural women drive 100 miles or more for these services
  • Only 8% of obstetric providers report practicing in rural areas
  • According to CDC maternal mortality in the US is on the rise and racial and geographic inequities continue to be prevalent
  • About 60% of maternal complications are preventable  

Rural Maternal Health Model

  • Personalized maternity care from pregnancy to postpartum to newborn care right from the comforts of patient’s home
  • Easy and direct access to care team through ANM
  • Trimester based educational materials
  • Home based antenatal care using telemedicine
  • Reminders for tests and appointments
  • Alerts are followed by action plans
  • Alert message as SMS sent to doctors
  • Ensures a positive patient experience and reduces stress through the close monitoring of patient clinical metrics

WONDER has a proven solution!

A safe and secure way to provide state of the art obstetric care, geared for mid-level providers.

WONDER App and Telehealth system with a strong support through a unique electronic birthing model built with state of the art cutting edge technology to provide up to date maternal care at the comfort of patient’s own homes.

Personalized dashboard for the providers with their own list of patients with easy access to patient educational materials, Clinical Decision Support tools (CDS)  and teleconsultation with their obstetricians

Two-way communication between provider and tertiary care facility

WONDER Telehealth System (WTS) Is designed specifically for Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs), Doulas, and Community Health Workers to provide up to date antenatal care with confidence! The program helps to have a seamless collaboration between obstetricians and the mid-level providers to make a difference!

Special Features:

  • Remote patient monitoring designed for providers
  • Clinical decision support tools
  • Two-way communication between provider and tertiary care facility
  • Telehealth consultations through video/audio