• Patient centered safe and secure mobile app
  • Geared towards pregnancy and postpartum phases
  • Helps to identify high-risk patients
  • Several modules for high-risk pregnancies
  • Supports the remote monitoring of key maternal vital signs and alerts for abnormal metrics
  • Trimester based educational materials
  • Can be used in any location
  • Available in 5 different languages

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Leverages technology to build a strong and dynamic algorithm for safe monitoring of mother and baby

Early detection is the key to patient safety

Effective remote patient monitoring of mother and baby

Start entering your blood pressure,  symptoms, and  fetal kicks

The app will alert you when the metrics are abnormal & to call your doctor

If your doctor is connected, will get an alert about your abnormal metrics

Connect with your doctor through telehealth with audio/video call

Easy transfer of all your records to doctors and consultants

Avoids delay and takes your stress away