These images are obtained from the Government of India’s Mother-Child Protection Card (MCP-Card) and ASHA Module 7. Permission was obtained to use these images in WONDER App and at the WONDER Portal from the District Health Society, Gaya and from the District Magistrate of Gaya.


Antenatal care

Care During Pregnancy

Warning Signs of Pregnancy

Ensure Institutlonal Delivery

Care of the Newborn

Care of Newborn

Parenting tips

Importance of feeding and playing with the baby Birth to 6 months. Talk, smile and be patient to encourage the child to eat

Parenting tip 1 (Birth to 6 months​)

Parenting tip 2 (6 months to 2 years)

Parenting tip 3 (2-3 months)

Parenting tip 4 (4-6 months)

Parenting tip 5 (7-9 months)

Parenting tip 6 (10-12 months)

Parenting tip 7. By (18 months)

Parenting tip 8 By (24 months)

Parenting tip 9 By (3 years)

Warning Signs in a baby: Call ANM/ASHA If you notice any of these changes

Warning Signs at 3 months.

Warning Signs at 6 months

Warning Signs at 9 months

Warning signs at 12 months

Warning Signs at 18 months

Warning Signs at 24 months (2 years)

Warning signs at 3 years

Prevent Infections:

Prevention of Diarrhea

Treatment of Diarrhea

Prevention of Pneumonia

Identification of Pneumonia

Immunization Record

Immunization Record from Birth to 9 months

Immunization Record. From 16 months to 16 years

Growth charts

Contraceptive options

Contraceptive options