WONDER Delivers!


  1. Every pregnancy and every birth are unique
  2. Addressing inequalities that affect health outcomes is fundamental to ensure respectful and high-quality maternity care
  3. Every day, approximately 810 women die around the world from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth
  4. Maternal deaths are primarily attributed to a lack of accessible, affordable prenatal and perinatal care
  5. 2030 marks the target date of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: a set of benchmarks agreed upon by all countries and leading development institutions to deliver better health care outcomes globally

60-80% of these deaths are preventable

WONDER intrapartum and immediate postpartum care setting in Tamil Nadu India: `15000 patients were cared for

WONDER in antenatal care settings: ~200,000 patients enrolled in Bihar, India

  • Co-ordinated care using Telehealth and Electronic Birthing Centers (e-BC)
  • Improved provider education & training in collaboration with UNICEF
  • Patient centered approach for early identification of problems and providing appropriate and timely intervention with clinical decision support
  • Efficient triaging: ~40% patients received care by low-mid level providers without increasing the risk
  • 8% have been identified to have risk factors that required care by skilled providers
  • First trimester antenatal registration increased by 26.4%
  • Mothers who had 4 antenatal visits increased by 24.9 %