The Problem

  • The first month of life is the most vulnerable period for child survival
  • Globally 2.4 million children died in the first month of life in 2020
  • According to UNICEF: The first 28 days of a newborn’s life are a critical window of opportunity for prevention and management of maternal and new-born complications, which can otherwise prove fatal
  • 40 per cent of neonatal deaths happen during labor or the first 24 hours after birth.
  • Children who die within the first 28 days of birth suffer from conditions and diseases associated with lack of quality care at or immediately after birth and in the first days of life
  • Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest neonatal mortality rate in the world 
  • India is the only large country in the world where more girl babies die than boy babies
  • India has 14% of global newborn deaths
  • Newborns delivered in rural setting are twice as likely to die as those born in urban areas
  • According to NHFS-5 about 72% of children in India are anemic

Wonder Solution

An ongoing Home-Based Newborn Care Program:

Uses Wonder newborn App in coordination with a non – profit organization JEEViKA and UNICEF

JEEViKA Didis are self help women with less than high school education

With strong clinical and technical training, they are working as front-line providers using Wonder Newborn Application with an alert system

~2500 babies are receiving newborn care

Babies get a visit during the first  24 hours,3, 7, 14, 21, 28 and 42nd day from the day of discharge. They get a minimum of 4 visits

If there is an alert the babies are transported to the Primary Health Centers or Tertiary care based on severity

Highlights of Wonder Newborn Care Program

  • 6% of children were identified to have problems requiring expert care
  • 33% of children were identified to have acute problems and referred to tertiary care – red alert
  • 3% of children were taken care of by the doctors at PHC – yellow alert
  • 100% of children identified through red alert required tertiary care and were transported

Total lives saved : 62

NO NEONATAL DEATH since the beginning of the pilot study – 10 Months

WONDER Newborn Care – Potential

Special Features:

  • Remote patient monitoring designed for providers
  • Clinical decision support tools
  • Two-way communication between provider and tertiary care facility
  • Telehealth consultations through video/audio